All Honkai Star Rail Treasure Chest Locations

Honkai Star Rail offers a massive open world across multiple planets for players to explore. Scattered throughout these environments are treasure chests of varying rarities waiting to be discovered. Finding these chests takes dedication, but the rewards inside make it very worthwhile. This guide will overview Honkai Star Rail’s treasure chest locations on some of the key areas.

There are three treasure chest varieties in Honkai Star Rail: Basic, Bountiful, and Precious. Chests can be found across important locations like Herta Space Station, the icy Jarilo-VI, and nature-filled The Xianzhou Luofu. Dedicated players can locate well over 300 total chests!

🗺️ Navigating the Vast Worlds

Honkai Star Rail worlds are expansive and contain many zones. Players may feel overwhelmed pinpointing every chest location accurately.

😵 Too Much Ground to Cover

Thankfully, the game provides tools assisting chest hunts.

🧭 Minimap: This tracks unopened chests in the local area.PRIORITISE the active voice for clarity and immersion.

🔍 Resonance Stone: Spawns chest location guides when used.

🏃‍♀️ Stamina Conservation: Plan routes avoiding unnecessary climbing.

🧳 Chest Types & Rewards

There are three main treasure chest varieties:

Basic Treasure

🌟 Common 💰 Credits & Materials

Basic Treasure chests contain common rewards like credits and materials. They spawn frequently across maps.

Bountiful Treasure

🌟🌟 Uncommon 🏔️ Hidden Locations 👍 Improved Rewards

Bountiful Treasure chests hold better rewards and occupy remote, hard-to-access spots.

Precious Treasure

🌟🌟🌟 Rare 😈 Guarded by Bosses 🎁 Best Rewards

Precious Treasure chests are the rarest variety, guarded by bosses and containing the most lucrative rewards.

🗺️ Jarilo-VI Chest Locations

Frigid Jarilo-VI houses chests across biomes like snowy plains, mines, and robot settlements:

❄️ Snowy Plains – 3 Chests
🚧 Backwater Pass – 13 Chests 🤖 Silvermane Restricted Zone – 12 Chests

🏭 Great Mine – 19 Chests ⛏️ Rivet Town Warehouses – 12 Chests 🏘️ Robot Settlements – 10 Chests

🗺️ The Xianzhou Luofu Chests – December 28, 2023

Lush The Xianzhou Luofu features attractive natural locations brimming with chests:

🌳 Central Starskiff Haven – 13 Chests ⛲ Stargazer Navalia – 23 Chests


🏛️ Divination Commission Halls – 29 Chests 🔬 Alchemy Commission Labs – 30 Chests 🌧️ Scalegorge Waterscape – 18 Chests

With hundreds of chests throughout Honkai Star Rail’s planets, dedicated explorers will stay busy tracking them all down!

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