COD Mobile 2024 Season 1: Weapon Balance Adjustments

Call of Duty: Mobile rolls out seasonal updates, adjusting weapon stats and abilities to keep multiplayer fair and exciting. Leaked details reveal upcoming changes in the COD Mobile 2024 Season 1 patch.

COD Mobile Season 1 launches January 11th, 2024. Leaks claim buffs to the Dingo, Bruen MK9, Man-O-War, and more guns. The Wheelson and Claw operator skill reportedly see nerfs. These are subject to change before the official update.

COD Mobile Season 1 Weapon Buffs & Nerfs

Call of Duty: Mobile receives frequent weapon balance adjustments to boost, nerf, and tweak guns based on usage rates and fan feedback. This helps strengthen weapon variety and tactics seen across multiplayer modes.

According to leaks by reliable source ‘Leakers On Duty’:


  • An increase in upper Chest Multiplier
  •  A decrease in the first damage range


  • An increase in Extended Mag Capacity
  •  An increase in Large Extended Mag Capacity


  • An increase in Base movement speed
  •  An increase in Sprinting Speed

Bruen MK9

  • 60 Round Mag – Addition of ADS movement speed buff


  • An increase in base movement speed


  • A reduction in Vertical recoil reduced.
  •  Devs will optimize logic effective time for tactical and empty reload (to fit the reload animations better).


  • An increase in Lower chest multipliers


  • An increase in Base damage range
  •  Echo Fire Mod – Addition of ADS movement speed buff

🆕 New additions like the Cryo Bomb expand tactical options. Fan favorite Operator Skills and Scorestreaks get rebalanced to increase viability across the meta.

🔃 For example, the PPSh-41 SMG seemingly retains its power while gaining lower chest damage. This keeps the weapon strong without allowing it to excel too greatly.

Final Words – December 27, 2023

As always, developers walk a fine line between strengthening fan favorites and letting any one weapon dominate.

As the January 11th launch nears, bookmark COD Mobile’s social channels to check for the complete Season 1 notes!

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