Genshin Impact: 5 Fastest Weapons List

When exploring the fantastical open world of Genshin Impact, speed and agility are key to swiftly traversing the realm and dominating opponents in combat. While character abilities impact mobility, the weapons they wield also influence attack speed. Particularly when playing as polearm users, you can execute the fastest moves in Genshin Impact. Extending your attack range and enabling multi-target strikes, polearms offer unrivaled speed and damage potential.

Let’s dive into the 5 fastest weapons that polearm characters can equip for peak battling performance in the popular anime RPG.

🥇 The Catch

Claimed as one of the best free-to-play (F2P) weapons in Genshin Impact, The Catch emerges as a top choice if you want to dominate enemies rapidly.

You can obtain this remarkable polearm simply by fishing in the realm. It focuses on amplifying the damage output of supporting sub-DPS characters.

Boasting quick strikes and swift movements in combat, The Catch features:

✅ A primary stat of 510 ATK

✅ A secondary stat of 45.9% Energy Recharge

✅ A passive that increases Elemental Burst DMG and CRIT Rate

🥈 Engulfing Lightning

Hailed among the most powerful polearms in Genshin Impact, Engulfing Lightning enables exceptionally speedy attacks.

In addition to its phenomenal base ATK and Energy Recharge, Engulfing Lightning’s passive ability dynamically boosts ATK and regeneration based on Energy Recharge stats.

This remarkable 5-star weapon sports:

✅ A primary stat of 608 ATK

✅ A secondary stat of 55.1% Energy Recharge

✅ A passive that escalates ATK and provides Energy Recharge after triggering Elemental Bursts

🥉 Favonius Lance

A versatile 4-star option, the Favonius Lance allows rapid movements and frequent critical hits during combat.

With solid base stats and a unique passive that generates Elemental Particles on CRITs, it enables swift cycling between Elemental Skills and Bursts.

Key features include:

✅ 565 base ATK

✅ 30.6% Energy Recharge sub-stat

✅ Passive triggering particles and Energy regeneration on CRITs

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

The pinnacle of 5-star polearms in Genshin Impact, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear empowers main DPS characters to unleash devastatingly quick flurries of attacks.

With each strike, the weapon’s high ATK and CRIT stats scale even higher, culminating in a massive damage boost.

Check out these stellar attributes:

✅ 674 base ATK

✅ 22.1% CRIT Rate secondary stat

✅ A passive that increases ATK up to 7 stacks, enhancing DMG at max stacks

Staff of Homa

Offering versatile sub or main DPS potential, Staff of Homa allows both normal and Charged Attacks to flow forth rapidly.

It also provides HP and ATK bonuses scaled dynamically based on the wielder’s maximum health.

Key stats include:

✅ 608 base ATK

✅ 66.2% CRIT DMG secondary stat

✅ A passive that boosts HP and ATK based on Max HP percentages

So equip these exceptional polearms if you want to execute the fastest attacks in Genshin Impact! Experiment to find your ideal speedy weapon.

What is the Fastest Weapon Type in Genshin Impact? – December 28, 2023

When it comes to the most rapid weapons in Genshin Impact, polearms take the lead. Renowned for extended reach and multi-target potential, polearms enable the fastest attacks in the popular anime game.

Wielded by characters like Xiangling, Hu Tao, and Raiden Shogun, polearms dominate opponents with exceptional attack speed and damage. Whether slashing through hordes of lesser foes or clashing with imposing weekly bosses, polearms allow the quickest movements.

So if you want to attack rapidly in the Genshin Impact realm, equip polearm users with these swift weapons! Utilize their unique techniques and combos to unleash devastating flurries of strikes.

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