Tears of Themis codes (New) – September 2022

Now you can progress faster because new codes for Tears of Themis are available for you. You can use these codes for currency, quickly level up and solve the cases. So, quickly claim freebies from these codes before they get expired.

Tears of Themis is a popular game in which the law is in your hands. You have to find out what is the reason for violent incidents in the City of Themis, which is the reason for threating the citizens of Themis. Your goal is to bring the Justice and punish the culprits by solving cases with the help of your skills.

Working codes in Tears of Themis:-

  • FS7AGRZ6XB5T—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 5 Campus Dice (New)
  • 9TNSGRYNETKP—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 20k Stellin
  • XS7AH8ZPFAK3—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 15 Oracle of Justice II (New)
  • SB6BY8Y7U4D3—Redeem for 180 S-Chis, 1 Energy Drink Family Pack, 10 Oracle of Justice III, and 10k Stellin  [Expiring on September 9, 2022]

Expired codes in Tears of Themis:-

  • HAPPYANNIVERSARY—Redeem for S-Chip x180
  • TOT1STANNIV7—Redeem for Limited x1, Stellin x10k, and Energy Drink Basic Pack x1
  • TOT1STANNIV6—Redeem for many rewards!
  • TOT1STANNIV5—Redeem for many rewards!
  • TOT1STANNIV4—Redeem for many rewards!
  • TOT1STANNIV3—Redeem for many rewards!
  • TOT1STANNIV2—Redeem for many rewards!
  • TOT1STANNIV1—Redeem for 60 S-Chips, 50k Stellin, and 10 Oracle of Justice III
  • 9A6AHQYKQ3S7—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 10k Stellin
  • 8B6TH9ZJQ3VB—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 1 Energy Drink Family Pack
  • DAPAZ8HJ83VX—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 10k Stellin
  • SPRINGINTHEAIR—Redeem for 2x Energy Drink Family Pack, 30,000x Stellin and 80 S-chips
  • 8BNTGRS4U7ZF—Redeem for 20 Oracle of Justice III
  • BAPAH8S4V6YP—Redeem for 80 S-Chips
  • GB6BZRT4V7GK—Redeem for 30,000 Stellin

How to redeem codes in Tears of Themis?

  1. Visit this page https://tot.hoyoverse.com/gift/#/
  2. Fill your login details and your character details will be filled automatically
  3. Copy the codes one by one from the above list and paste it into the field
  4. Check your in-game mail and collect your rewards
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