Top Ranked Fortnite Emotes: Here is the List

Fortnite offers a staggering range of emotes that let players showcase their personality on the battlefield. While cosmetics don’t directly improve your gameplay, the right emotes can distinguish your style and add some extra flair to your Victory Royales. In this guide, we’ll break down the top Fortnite emotes worth equipping.

Some of the most popular and fun Fortnite emotes include Floss, Orange Justice, Hype, Wave, Laugh It Up, Take the L, Don’t Start Now, Never Gonna, Best Mates, and Freestylin’. These dances and gestures offer creative ways to taunt enemies, rally your squad, or just goof around between battles.

The Best Fortnite Emotes


This energetic dance inspired by the actual dental hygiene technique remains widely used years after its 2018 debut. The Floss emote’s funky moves are recognizable even to non-Fortnite fans, and it syncs well with lots of skins.

🤘 Orange Justice

Few emotes capture Fortnite’s zany spirit quite like Orange Justice. Its fast arm pumps and overall quirkiness make it a top choice for showboating during intense build battles.

⏰ Recently Added 👑 Very Popular

Don’t Start Now

A recent addition featuring the Dua Lipa hit song, Don’t Start Now sees heavy play thanks to its fluid dance moves.

🕺 Slick Animation 🔥 Hot Track


Freestylin’ impresses with smooth breakdancing animations fusing Fortnite’s aesthetic with stylish swagger. Use it to show off your moves.

🙌 Nailed It 👟 Fancy Footwork

Best Fortnite Emotes for Celebrating Wins


Living up to its name, Hype fires up players by chaining together several pump-up dance moves. Use it mid-match to celebrate squad wipes or hard-fought Victory Royales.

🔥 Squad Motivator 👐 Get Amped


For those wanting a classic emote, Wave delivers with simple charm. Its friendly gesture works great for greeting teammates, saluting defeated enemies in good fun, or even distracting foes.

👋 Flexible 🤝 Wholesome

Best Fortnite Emotes for Some Salt

Laugh It Up

Saltier players can deploy Laugh It Up to taunt unlucky enemies. But its contagious cackling also spreads joy in lighter moments between friends.

😂 Tickled 👎 Salt Inducer

Take the L

Similar to Laugh It Up, Take the L enables triumphant Fortnite warriors to mock their defeated opponents, especially during competitive modes like Arena. Expect to see this one often!

👑 Very Popular ❌ Ouch

Never Gonna

What’s better than Rickrolling friends and enemies mid-match? Never Gonna’s flawless recreation of Rick Astley’s iconic music video is always good for some laughs.

🎵 Catchy Song 😄 Lighthearted Fun

Best Mates

A classic emote dating back to early seasons, Best Mates worm-style dance never gets old. Its cheerful friendliness plays well across most skins and situations.

🕺 Enduring Appeal 🤝 Wholesome

Final Words – December 28, 2023

With such a wide selection, every Fortnite player can discover emotes that fit their personality. Equip your favorites to unlock your inner entertainer while battling for Victory Royales and Tilted Towers supremacy!

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