Baldurs Gate 3 Break Shadow Curse Guide

The Shadow Curse in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a malevolent force that plagues the Moonrise Towers. This curse is deeply rooted in Sharran magic and saps the life out of everything it touches. The quest to lift this curse is intricately tied to a character named Halsin and involves multiple objectives and encounters.

Why Should You Care?

The Shadow Curse isn’t just a backdrop for the game’s story; it’s a critical element that affects gameplay. Lifting the curse is a multi-step process that offers rich lore, challenging combat, and the potential to recruit Halsin as a party member.

Quest OriginAct 2
Related CharacterHalsin
Key LocationsLast Light Inn, House of Healing, Shadowfell

How to Begin the Quest

To initiate the quest to break the Shadow Curse, you’ll need to talk to Halsin during Act 2. Your first clue lies at the Last Light Inn, where a man named Art Cullagh holds vital information about a fey boy named Thaniel.

Steps to Wake Art Cullagh

  1. Find Art Cullagh: He’s magically asleep at the Last Light Inn.
  2. Retrieve the Lute: Head to the House of Healing and deal with Malus Thorm to get Art’s lute.
  3. Wake Art: Use the lute to wake him up.

How to Defend the Portal

Once you’ve gathered enough information, Halsin will ask you to meet him by the lakeside north of Last Light Inn. Here, you’ll engage in a time-sensitive battle to defend a portal into the Shadowfell.

Combat Tips

  • Use AoE Spells: Spells like Wall of Fire and Fireball are invaluable.
  • Place Explosives: Pre-placed explosives can make the fight easier.

How to Find and Confront Oliver

Oliver is a mysterious boy you’ll encounter after defending the portal. He’s the shadow half of Thaniel and plays a crucial role in lifting the curse.

Steps to Confront Oliver

  1. Locate Oliver: Near the Shadowed Battlefield fast travel point.
  2. Play Hide and Seek: Engage in a game with Oliver.
  3. Confront Him: Urge him to return to Thaniel.

How to Complete the Quest

The final steps involve defeating shadow creatures and persuading Oliver to reunite with Thaniel. Once you’ve succeeded, you’ll see life returning to the ancient battlefield as you make your way to Baldur’s Gate.

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide on how to break the Shadow Curse in Baldur’s Gate 3. Happy gaming!

Note: Completing this quest also allows you to recruit Halsin as a party member, adding another layer of depth to your Baldurs Gate 3 Break Shadow Curse journey.

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