Lords of the Fallen Gerlinde Guide

Gerlinde in Lords of the Fallen, often referred to as the key blacksmith. Locked away in Pilgrim’s Perch, she presents a questline that opens doors to advanced weapon customization.

Gerlinde’s Location: First Meeting

Before players can encounter Gerlinde, they need to access Pilgrim’s Perch, which is the second area in the game, excluding the main hub. To reach Pilgrim’s Perch, players should exit the main hub via the ramp to the right of the Vestige and follow the path down the stairs.

This area is filled with enemies, so players should stay alert, especially due to the presence of mages that can attack from afar.Once players have reached Pilgrim’s Perch, they will come across a workshop-like room near the Skyrest Bridge, close to the Vestige. 

Gerlinde will later occupy this space, but players cannot rescue her until the end of the Pilgrim’s Perch area, after defeating the sub-boss Scourged Sister Delyth.

Gerlinde’s Location: Second Meeting

After rescuing Gerlinde from her prison cell, players should head back to Skyrest Bridge, where they will find her opposite the Vestige, up the stairs. Gerlinde is a Grouk woman accompanied by a creature she calls Sparky.

Gerlinde’s Location: Third Meeting and Rune Tablets

During the quest line, Gerlinde will ask players to find three rune tablets. The first tablet is located in the Upper Calrath Mining District, the second in the Tower of Penance, and the third in Fitzroy’s Gorge. 

Players should give the tablets to Gerlinde in the proper order, and they can then purchase various runes from her for 700 vigor each

Unlocking the Blacksmith’s Services

Once you’ve talked to Gerlinde and provided her with the key, she sets up her shop at Skyrest Bridge. That’s not all. Gerlinde becomes a point of interaction for upgrading weapons, not merely a plot device. Speak to her to initiate upgrades and maybe even start a new quest revolving around “Sparky’s Tablets.”

Why Bother With Gerlinde?

Gerlinde’s character depth moves beyond her initial introduction as a mere prisoner. She seeks ancient knowledge and offers high-level gear. Freeing Gerlinde thus adds not just another layer to the game’s narrative but also grants tactical advantages in your quest to conquer demonic foes.

Detailed Steps for Freeing Gerlinde

  1. Reach Pilgrim’s Perch.
  2. Use the elevator next to the Vestige of Blind Agatha.
  3. Fight through the enemy horde and obtain the Prison Cell Key.
  4. Talk to Gerlinde behind bars and free her.

Wrap-Up and Future Quests

Venturing to rescue Gerlinde isn’t just an optional detour; it’s a journey that augments your capabilities and enriches the game’s storyline. With Gerlinde by your side, better gear and compelling quests await.

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