Philips has announced its ;279C9 monitor

Philips has announced its ;279C9 monitor

Philips Introduces the 279C9 monitor with availability in the UK, and the Eurozone planned for the end of August The… Read More

2 years ago

Quibi raised $1.75 billion for so-so shows trapped on your phone.

Nobody asked for Quibi. Nobody, that is, except for Jeffrey Katzenberg, the founder of Dreamworks Pictures and famed Hollywood producer.… Read More

3 years ago

To reduce stress Head space offers free mindfulness exercises.

To help people in New York, one of the cities in the US hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic,… Read More

3 years ago

Apex Legends Duo Mode and Map Rotation Coming

Respawn’s battle royale title Apex Legends will add a permanent duos playlist to the game starting April 7th, the developer… Read More

3 years ago

Xperia XZ and XZs Update 41.3.A.2.192 Released With Fixes

Sony Mobile has released new firmware for the Xperia XZ and XZs, which moves the build number from 41.3.A.2.184 to version 41.3.A.2.192.… Read More

4 years ago