Doom Eternal Update Changelog (August 4, 2020)

Doom Eternal update changelog released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official changelog, the latest update added balancing, tweaks, and quality of life improvements. Apart from this, the new patch also includes performance and stability improvements.

What is new in Doom Eternal update?

New Game Improvements for ALL platforms

  1. Weapon Quick Switch has been enabled again in both Campaign and BATTLEMODE.
  2. Made further improvements to networking latency in BATTLEMODE.
  3. Added the ability for the Mancubus to shoot after starting a double jump in BATTLEMODE.

New BATTLE MODE Balance Updates for PC Only

  1. Reduced The Slayer’s Precision Bolt damage in BATTLE MODE against player demons from 400 damage to 300 damage.
  2. Reduced The Slayer’s starting bullet ammo in BATTLE MODE from 84 bullets to 72 bullets.

Fixes for ALL platforms


  1. Fixed an issue with the Gladiator failing to drop health while staggered.
  2. Fixed an issue with the Khan Maykr failing to drop health when Blood Punched.
  3. Doom Eternal 1.06 fixed a rare issue where AI became invulnerable after a failed Glory Kill.
  4. Fixed issues with the Cacodemon not responding appropriately to Meathook or Blood Punch attacks while choking on a grenade.
  5. Fixed an issue with Zombies ragdolling incorrectly when killed.
  6. Fixed Baron of Hell leg animations displaying incorrectly in certain circumstances.


  1. Doom Eternal version 1.06 fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where the Marauder’s wolf didn’t always deal damage and explode when attacking The Slayer.
  2. Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE with the Damage Report displaying incorrect damage numbers.
  3. Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that would cause health/ammo loot visuals to persist when Loot Block was used while the slayer was chainsawing AI.
  4. Doom Eternal 1.06 fixed several descriptions for BATTLEMODE Round Upgrades to more accurately reflect current functionality.
  5. Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where level progress would sometimes display incorrectly to other players in the lobby.

BATTLEMODE Fixes for PC Only

  1. Doom Eternal 1.06  fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that would cause the title to crash when loading into a match with HDR enabled on some graphics cards.
  2. Fixed a rare crash when the Archvile teleported while the BFG was equipped in BATTLEMODE.
  3. Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where enemy hit sound effects would revert to default after installing a new game patch.

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