Samsung Galaxy Chromebook review: Great, until the battery runs out

Google has been selling expensive, high-end Chromebooks for years now. But last year, the company changed tactics. The Pixelbook Go was “only” $650, a far cry from the $1,000-plus price Google asked for its previous Chromebooks. Google cut a few corners to hit that price point, but the Pixelbook Go was easy to recommend as a Chromebook that almost anyone could use as a full-time computer. But if you were one of the few out there who has been clamoring for a follow-up to 2017’s Pixelbook, the Go didn’t quite meet the mark.

Enter Samsung. At CES earlier this year, the company showed off the stunning Galaxy Chromebook, a computer that really does feel like a successor to the original Pixelbook. Amenities include a gorgeous 4K touchscreen, a stowable pen, lots of storage and processing power, and an sleek, all-metal enclosure. And you can’t miss it in that bold red color. On paper, it’s a capable and well-designed computer, easily one of the best Chromebooks on the market. But at $999, we’re asking a familiar question: should anyone spend that much money on a Chromebook?

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