To reduce stress Head space offers free mindfulness exercises.

To help people in New York, one of the cities in the US hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic, mindfulness app Head space has made some of its meditation and sleep exercises free. The resources are available through a new website the company launched today in partnership with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (via The Verge).

In all, there 10 audio tracks to help New Yorkers meditate and fall asleep, plus three exercises to assist kids. Head space also shared a recent guided workout the company posted to its YouTube channel.

That said, you don’t have to live in New York to take advantage of the resources; they’re available to everyone going through this difficult time.

“From Buffalo to Long Island, Albany to the Lower East Side, this special NY collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises are here to support you through stressful and challenging times,” Head space says on the website. “Helping you — and your fellow New Yorkers — stay strong and be kind to yourselves, with a New York state of mind.”

The initiative is the latest effort by Head space to help during the corona virus pandemic. In March, the company made its premium Head space Plus subscription free to US healthcare professionals through the end of 2020.

Besides Head space, Engadget recently detailed some of the ways in which you can access online help if you’re feeling anxious amid everything that’s going on at the moment.

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